Live Aboard

If you want to live life aboard a boat, let Scubalife help you navigate the transition to living aboard.Letting go of everything you own on land to live a life on the water is a dream for many people.  Living aboard is a huge commitment to a new way existence. The capability to plan, to form priorities, and to live in tight quarters with a spouse, mate or friend are some essential qualities for those electing a floating lifestyle.  In some ways living aboard is humbler than life on the mainland. After all, live aboards usually have sold their home, furniture, and nearly all their belongings that they accumulated while living on land.

Living on the water can be immensely attractive and pleasurable. Boaters often have spectacular scenery, a copious amount of nature to enjoy and the independence to simply cast off and take their household somewhere new at will. Live aboard life also offers new obstacles and inconveniences: finding a marina that will accept boats, dealing with disposal of waste, searching for a place to wash clothes and linens and where to store belongings too precious to throw away but that won’t fit on a boat.

If you've decided to buy a boat and experience the live aboard lifestyle, you may have a lot of questions. Where do you start? What makes a good boat? How much will this cost? If you really want to live life aboard a boat, there's never a wrong time to begin.   When the time comes to slip the lines and head off on your extended vacation, let ScubaLife help you navigate the perfect trip for your tastes.  Get valuable information and money saving discounts from our world-wide network of affiliate partners.  Expect the unexpected with our customized support.