Interest in kayaking is growing. It's no wonder because kayaking is enjoyable, accessible, and reasonably priced. Easy to learn and fun to paddle, kayaks expose riders to vast new watery worlds of exploration.  Whether you choose to inch silently through a marsh grass oasis, slam down whitewater rapids in rough mountain rivers or almost anything in between, kayaking can be the perfect water adventure for you. There is no age limit in paddling; everyone from children to the elderly can handle a kayak. 

Scubalife wants to make your next kayaking experience an unforgettable journey.

The delightful thing about kayaking is that it’s exceptionally easy to get started, and the learning curve is very immediate. Though you can devote years to mastering strokes and understanding water settings, all it takes to get started is a boat, paddle, safety gear and a love of water!

Since kayaking concentrates more on finesse than on physical strength, women can kayak just as well as men. Women may even have a benefit in the novice stages of their paddling careers because of their lower center of gravity. Paddling is a great way to stay in shape, and you won't even notice you're exercising till your clothes start to get loose!

Ready to get out there?  ScubaLife has you covered.  Our goal is simple: We want our members to experience the best kayaking of their lives.  At ScubaLife, we want to make your next kayaking experience an entertaining and unforgettable journey. Our members range from beginners to expert paddlers who share the desire to learn, explore and experience the padding world.  Tap into our world class support, partners, affiliates and educational programs to help guide you through the distinctive sport of kayaking.