Free Diving

Have you ever fantasized about exploring the underwater world free from equipment? Freediving is the most unfettered and tranquil way to explore the depths of an ocean, sea, lake or grotto. Anyone who has held their breath underwater has free dived. However, freediving is not merely about seeing how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can go on a single breath.  It is the definitive way to immerse yourself in the underwater experience.

As a Scubalife member you’ll have the opportunity to take freediving to new depths

Freediving is a combination of having the right attitude and knowing  the boundaries of your body and mind. One of the strongest appeals of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to an otherwise noisy and chaotic world. As well as being the perfect way to relax on the weekend, freediving is an international competitive sport. Professional freedivers defy the body’s normal limitations and go to depths of over 200 meters on a single breath.

Want to train? Find an instructor? Need a buddy? ScubaLife is the answer!  As a ScubaLife member you’ll have the opportunity to learn the sport or take your existing knowledge of freediving to new depths with our support network and training affiliates.  With ScubaLife, members get to experience the water in new ways with boat, pier and drift dives.  You can also meet experienced divers that engage in open water diving, underwater photography, spearfishing and mermaiding!  Open yourself to a wealth of benefits that will serve you throughout your freediving experience with ScubaLife.