Are you ready for the newest, coolest and most amazing watersport you’ve ever seen?  If you want to fly like Superman, swim like a dolphin or are in search of that next adrenaline rush, fly boarding just might be for you!  Although it may look extreme, Flyboarding is actually easy to learn and loads of instant fun.   Almost anyone can use a Flyboard. Young and old, big and small, it’s really very easy.  Because anyone can "fly," Flyboarding is a perfect activity for families, couples or individuals of all ages.

Scubalife can help its members navigate the flyboarding lifestyle.

A flyboard is like a bit of aquatic magic.  Flyboarding works by using water jet propulsion from specially designed boots and hand pads.  A personal water craft is attached to a tube that forces water out under high pressure sending the rider soaring into the air to heights of up to 35 feet.  From the moment you feel the lift and rise out of the water, your heart will start to race.  Before long you’ll be shooting yourself in and out of the water and performing amazing aquatic acrobatics! 

If you’re considering a high-adrenalin water adventure, flyboarding is one of the newest and best ways to experience that rush.  ScubaLife can help its members navigate the flyboarding lifestyle.  If you’re interested in learning or are planning a flyboarding outing at the beach or lake, consider starting your journey with ScubaLife.   Get valuable information and exclusive money-saving access on the water with ScubaLife.