Charter Trips

Ready for some serious fishing?  Are you an offshore enthusiast who loves getting those signature photos of yourself among the coral reefs?  Want to spend some quality time with friends and family while viewing the best ocean sunsets? Whether it’s fun for the whole family or a special night out for two, charted trips are designed for any occasion or event. For an on-the-water experience that's everything you envision, charter trips offer a range of boats available for skippered charter. Take a relaxing sightseeing cruise and discover the best skyline views, board a scuba dive charter and enjoy a great day of scuba diving or sail to destinations you've only dreamed of on a charter boat.

With the help of Scubalife‚Äôs partner affiliates, we can help guide you through the different types of charters.Chartered trips run a full service operation which means that their vessels are licensed, insured and fully equipped with equipment, gear and knowledgeable guides; in short, everything that you’ll need to relax and enjoy yourself. Once you arrive at your destination, the onboard crew will set you up and get you ready for fun. The crew can do as much or as little as you want them to do. That’s what they are for.

Charter captains and their crew are maritime authorities and boating is their livelihood. A good crew works tirelessly so you can experience the very best that the ocean has to offer.  Their goal is to insure all those aboard their vessel have a good time and to earn your repeat business or referral

For those who are new to the world of charter trips, the choices can be overwhelming. With the help of ScubaLife’s reputable affiliates, we can help guide you through the different types of charters and decide which kind of trip is right for you.  Take advantage of savings and discounts from our nationally recognized partners today.  Let ScubaLife help you pick the best sailing destination and itinerary. Whether your destination is scuba diving in Belize or Bermuda, sightseeing in Caracas or sailing the Mediterranean, ScubaLife will help get you there.