Canoeing has been around for nearly as long as man has been around water. It is an age-old activity that has been used for transportation, fishing, hunting, sport, and recreation for centuries and very little about canoeing fundamentals has changed. All over the world, canoes remain in use and their demand continues to grow. For those novices who want to get into canoeing, the opportunities are nearly unlimited and the advances in technology and materials have enhanced the canoeing experience.

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Imagine the sense of eagerness as your canoe cuts through the water in time with your oar strokes. You glide on a calm lake, and your mind and body are in sync with the breeze blowing through the trees. Canoe lovers come back time and time again, returning to the outdoors to escape the hustle of modern life. Canoeing is therapeutic and calming, and provides a strenuous and rewarding workout.

Canoeing is a watersport that involves using a paddle to move a slender boat through the water. Almost everyone can enjoy canoeing. It's easy to learn, lots of fun and you might even find the gentle sounds of water soothing.  Whether you are braving the open sea, river rapids, appreciating nature, fishing or camping, or just want to get away from it all, canoeing can be fun, exhilarating or relaxing!

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