We are a community connected through a passion for water.  When it comes to water, whether you’re near it, on it, in it or under it, Scubalife has you covered.  Our legions of divers, fishermen, kayakers, wakeboarders, fly boarders, beach-goers and many others will tell you that Scubalife simply isn’t a trademark; it’s a lifestyle​.

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Scubalife offers the best value and cost for insurance - both professional and personal insurance.


If you're a dive instructor your liability insurance is one of the most important assets to your business. Let Scubalife provide you with coverage exclusively designed for your industry.



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Dive training for a new generation. NASE is the only scuba training organization to draw its extensive experience from the fields of commercial, recreational, technical and cave diver training.


The New Wave in Snorkeling. The latest innovation of Scubalife Designs, SubTrek™ provides an easy and stress free way to have an underwater adventure.  Subtreking is fun and easier than snorkeling!

Team Scuba

NASCAR speed and excitement! Team Scuba and Scubalife have joined forces to introduce the exciting world of sport diving to the millions of NASCAR racing fans.


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